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What is the Caboose Cushion Case?

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Because you don't just carry your laptop. You use it.

The Caboose Cushion Case is the perfect bag for everyday use if you’re the kind of person who sits on hard surfaces (like wood or metal chairs or benches) while using your laptop.

The Caboose Cushion Case is designed free of any hardware that might interfere with your comfort. The removable organizer caddy provides convenient storage and access for your everyday items. The adjustable shoulder strap attaches securely, is easily removable and features special swivel hardware to prevent tangling

Whether you’re traveling, working in a coffee shop or shared office space, sitting in the bleachers at a sporting event, sitting on a train or bus or plane or simply hanging out on a bench watching videos, the Caboose Cushion Case makes sure that you are comfortable.

Innovative Design, Outside and In

From my caboose to yours

The world is full of hard seating surfaces. Sit on them long enough and your caboose will hurt. This is the accumulated wisdom of my life. Modest, I know. Still, if you’ve been a student or a freelancer or a consultant or an entrepreneur (I’ve done some of each) or, basically, a person with a gluteus maximus, you can relate. I confess that it took a few decades of sitting on my butt (a signature skill, everyone says), but eventually I had an epiphany. It was about three hours into writing a business proposal when I thought: Hey, I’d be so much more comfortable if I had a seat cushion. And then I said to myself Who carries around a seat cushion? Anyway, you’d lose the damn thing! And then it hit me: What if my seat cushion was also my laptop case? And presto, just three years of intensive design and testing later, I'm proud to present the Caboose Cushion Case, a truly butt-changing technology.

Yitz Francus, Founder


Will it fit my 16” in MacBook?

Hugely versatile, the Caboose Cushion Case is able to fit all MacBook Air & MacBook Pro models.

How do I clean this product?

We know you’re very busy, so we’ve ensured that cleaning your Caboose Cushion Case takes seconds! A damp cloth will do the job.

How heavy is the Caboose Cushion Case?

Together with the organizer caddy, the Caboose Cushion Case weighs approximately 2.85 lbs.

Can I carry my Caboose case when it rains?

Certainly! The Caboose Cushion Case is water-resistant and easy to wipe dry when you’ve reached your destination.

Will you be making other colors?

Currently, the Caboose Cushion Case comes in black with blue trim. We hope to expand the range in the future.

The Caboose Cushion Case has been a gamechanger for my remote-work lifestyle! I'm no longer sore after a full day of working from my local coffee shop!

Alyssa A.